June26 , 2022

This 2021 Zodiac Is Putting Off Therapy (Even Though They Should Really Go)


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You feel like you’re too far gone. You feel like you’re past the point of asking for help.


You feel like you can handle your problems on your own. You feel like you don’t need help from anyone.


You feel like you don’t have enough time. Your schedule is already packed tight.


You feel like your family and friends provide a strong enough support system. You feel like you don’t need a professional’s help.


You’re embarrassed to speak your mind and show your vulnerability. You don’t want to tell a stranger your deepest secrets.


You feel like your problems aren’t that bad. You feel like other people are going through much worse so you can’t complain.


You feel like it would be too hard to find a good therapist. You feel like it requires too much effort.


You feel like you’re taking care of your mental health well enough on your own. You feel like you have self-care covered.


You feel like the people causing you stress should go to therapy. Not you.


You don’t want to talk about your feelings. You would rather ignore them and hope they go away.


You feel like nothing a therapist says will actually help you. You feel like your problems are too big to tackle.


You feel like you’ve earned your suffering. You feel like you deserve the pain.