Each sign of the zodiac has a toxic trait in their personality, and that may be the culprit that your relationships do not work. Discover the toxic personality trait of your zodiac sign. Although almost nobody is toxic all the time, there are people who, through their actions, can make us feel bad, even if that is not their intention. This can happen because of personality traits or simply because your energy weighs heavily when the person is in trouble.

The toxic traits of the zodiac make coexistence difficult, because they always look for the negative side of things and their apathetic attitude, can end up generating a state of fatigue in others, which is why, in many cases, they end up moving away from them.



They always think they are right and like to debate, and they can become very intense in their discussions, especially for those people who hate confrontations. It is not uncommon to make people more sensitive if they feel bad.


Taurus’ people are of a strong character and their feet are so well placed on Earth. Then, their negativity often stops their prosperity and sometimes even that of the people around them. They are very resentful.


You never fulfill your promises. You always leave others behind and make excuses that no one believes in.



Cancers are very emotionally clever beings, so when we add to that spiteful intent, you get a love weapon. Because they know precisely what motivates you, they will hold it against you to achieve the emotional security they so much need. The problem is they never do.



You are changing in your opinions. You prefer to order instead of listening. Be careful.



Virgos seem sweet at first, so it’s hard to believe that they can be toxic. When they feel confident, they are too critical, otherwise they are always on the defensive.



Your characteristic is balance, however, you rarely express your emotions. When you feel uncomfortable, you simply move away. Beware of resentment.



In most cases you are selfish and cruel, therefore, in a relationship your needs come first.

Although changing your personality can be almost impossible, you can become aware of those details that make it difficult for you to relate. Everything depends on you.



Although you are not spiteful, you easily exploit minor errors of the other. This tendency can shake the pillars of your relations with other people.



Capricorns are pessimistic by nature, so sometimes they can make people around them feel bad. It’s not that they have bad intentions, but they tend to have a realistic view of life and this bothers people who cannot see things the same way.



You are too kind and benevolent towards others, and this makes you avoid discussions. That prevents, for example, your partner from sitting down to comment on what bothers you, and can make other people feel ignored by you.



Many think that you are fickle or that you do not have clear emotions. The truth is that you let yourself be carried away by your resentments; that is a toxic personality trait of your zodiac sign.



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