June27 , 2022

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We welcomed the New Year, 2019, several days ago. It looks like 2020 was very unpleasant for a lot of people, and they have been in an entirely wrong place, which is not often the case. Probably retrogrades, and even Uranus playing with two signs messed with us.

Fortunately, such things are not going to repeat in this year. In this year, there will not be retrograde of Mars or Venus, but only three usual retrogrades of Mercury – the first one in March in the sign of Pisces, the second in the month of July in the signs of Leo and Cancer, and the third one in November and December in the sign of Scorpio.

During this year, we are also going to have three planets in their home signs, and they are Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius, then Saturn in the sign of Capricorn, and the planet Neptune in the sign of Pisces.

Such an event may bring an ease which may surprise us, when it comes to dealing with all those energies generated by the three planets, so, we can feel just as it is much easier to progress (the planet Saturn), expand (the planet Jupiter), and even intuit (the planet Neptune).

The planet Jupiter is also going to move into the sign of Capricorn in the last month of this year, and there will also be a solar eclipse at the same time and sign. We are going to finish this year beginning the monster Capricorn stellium as the planets Pluto and Saturn are in this sign by now.

There is also going to be a surge in our ambition, then on focusing on our goals and our wishes for permanently, how things come together, and even seeing their pieces. Some of us are going to reach greater heights, but only if they did things in the right way, while others can have dangerous and long falls.

In 2020 , the planet Uranus toyed with Taurus, but it will officially enter this sign on the 6th of March, 2019, and it will stay in it for nearly a decade. However, before entering Taurus, Uranus ended its retrograde on the 6th of January in the sign of Aries.

Meanwhile, the planet Mars came in the sign of Aries on the 31st of December, last year, and it is going to spend almost the first month-and-a-half of this year, in he sign of Aries with the planet Uranus ending its time in the same sign.

There is also the set of primary eclipses for this year this month, which will add fuel. People may feel the need to get everything done, on their own or in a group, worldwide. They should use everything well.

After that, the planet Mars is going to enter in the sign of Taurus in the middle of February, and it is going to be in this sign when the planet Uranus will make the shift, so we are going to receive the needed energy for making changes. However, we also have to be conscious of the retrograde of Mercury.

Generally said, this year looks like it is going to be and it has to be much more comfortable than the year 2020 has been. However, it may be the calm before the storm that 2020 is going to be.