July2 , 2022

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Venus enters Leo on September 6th and stays in the sign until October 2nd, 2020. it will bring out the passionate side. Although we might be dreading the Mars Retrograde on the 9th, this transit promises to have us looking within. Venus will calm, empower, and strengthen us for the next several weeks. As the planets in Cardinal signs square off, we can expect to feel a little grounded with this fixed Venus sign coming to our rescue. Expect the unexpected when Venus makes a square to Uranus on September 15th, causing some uncertainty within romantic relationships. Practice patience stay grounded and practice diplomacy if needed since this month is about slowing things down. We can expect a positive trine to Mars on September 28th, even if it’s retrograded by then. It is still a good thing to have, since it can be a calming effect on the tensions that have been building through the

year up to this month.

Aries – Relationships might come more into focus with this Venus in Leo transit heating up your house of fun and pleasure. Mars currently in your sign will make you feel like a go-getter when it comes to solidifying partnerships. Although everything looks golden and sweet for the time being, it is still best to take things at a slower pace while Mars gets ready to go retrograde. You can still enjoy the fun associated with this transit, so appreciate the joy but do not rush into things until Mars goes direct.

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Taurus – Although this transit might create some tensions with your sign, you can still enjoy the comforts it will be bringing to your immediate environment. Venus in Leo motivates you to make some changes to your home. When Mars makes a trine to this planet, it can make you feel inspired and ready to beautify to your hearts content. Enjoy the peace that accompanies this transit.

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Gemini – Here you will see that your words can captivate anyone during this Venus in Leo transit. Get ready to be the center of attention with friends and people you meet. Venus in Leo brings you confidence through expression and it will have others view you in a favorable light. You can bring the peace amongst friends and family. This can also have you become popular with those seeking advice. Keep the diplomatic mentality, especially when Mars goes retrograde.

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