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This Is What Your December 2022:Love Forecast Looks Like in 2022

The signs of spring are cropping up everywhere — and so are the signs of love. This time of year always brings that frisky rush and the desire to come out of hiding and adorn ourselves once again. But no matter what the season, love is a favorite topic of the astro-obsessed. If we’re not reading our own forecasts, we want to know what’s up with our latest crush or our long-term partners.

To sate your celestial desires, we’ve teamed up with Refinery29 and Revlon to bring you a monthly love forecast called The Signs Of Love. But we’ve put a springtime-fresh spin on these horoscopes. Their talented team of stylists have created a look to go along with each sign’s prediction. Read our forecasts to find out the best days and strategies for stoking the embers of amour. And once you’re thoroughly in the mood for love, you’ll know exactly how to primp before you go on the prowl or meet your mate for a sultry night on the town.


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