July2 , 2022

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This 2nd October would herald the New Moon at 11:26 am. As we can already feel, there is something different in the air.

While all New Moons do bring about something extra, the cardinal sign in Libra makes it all the more effective.

This is the perfect time for you to bring about a sense of balance and beauty into your inner self. You should be aware of the strata of society you belong to, and how you could improve the lives of people around you.

Yet, you also need to keep in mind that it might be problematic for you to register a decision after going through several viewpoints.

Your indecisiveness towards things might turn into frustration for you. This is because the New Moon is opposite the Chiron Retrograde in the sign Aries. But you need to remember that not every situation is a do or die.

Unless there is an emergency, you don’t have to go through the motions of decision-making so hastily. Take your time, explore your options and select the one that fits your way of life.

Yet don’t take a lot of time either. The New Moon would quincunx the Uranus which is in retrograde and it would shift us away from any major life decisions that we might take.

So, when you take a decision without knowing about it fully, remember to ponder well on that, and improve it. After all, the major thing here is the physical manifestation of reality, which you need to bring out.

With Venus about to sextile Jupiter, you can be assured that things are moving in the correct path. You wouldn’t have to find things that are being negative for you.

Mostly positive vibes will be around you. Simply let go of all inhibitions and work towards the truth- or what you believe in. As long as you don’t place principles above people, you are fine.

See, it is pretty obvious that what we think and what is real are two differing ideologies. And it well beyond our abilities to control anything that we don’t truly understand.

Also, Mercury and Venus would be coming up against New Moon and Pluto in Capricorn, so you might come across truths that are quite uncomfortable.

Libra doesn’t really care about physical confrontation, we know. It doesn’t worry about creating a ripple in the balance of the world.

But sometimes, the beauty around and in us doesn’t just come up as simply superficial. You need to be honest to yourself and make some real changes.