July4 , 2022

Three Ways You Can Restore Balance During This September 2020



Many of us have gone through a lifetime worth of change in just the last couple of days. With the ongoing protests and the pandemic, things have been quite chaotic lately.

Even though the pandemic has stopped our social life, nature is progressing on its own accord. Months have passed, and now, it’s time for the September equinox.

The coming equinox will occur on the 22nd of September. It will be an occasion when the day and night will both be of equal length. It is a perfect occasion to try and restore balance in our life.

Not to forget, Libra season will begin soon. It will inspire us to focus on relationships, beauty, love, and balance in our life. Let’s look at three ways through which we can restore peace and balance.

Restore Balance And Find Inner Peace During This September Equinox

Gratitude Is The Key

Even though life has not been kind to any of us in the last couple of months, we still need to be grateful. When we express gratitude, we release any toxic energy that we might be repressing. It’s a great spiritual exercise that can help bring inner peace.

Focus on the little details. Do you have a plateful of dinner? Do you have a roof over your head? Are you connected with someone on a deeper level? Has anything gone well in your life recently? Focus on the positive and express gratitude.

If you feel like everything is messed up in your life right now, ask yourself one question. Are you still moving forward? If that’s a yes, you should be proud of yourself. You should thank yourself for showing courage and perseverance. Express gratitude.

Just as important is offering thanks. Open your heart and mind to positivity, and you will receive more love. If you feel thankful for something or someone right now, express it. As the September equinox arrives, prepare yourself to welcome balance in our life.

Reflect, Acknowledge, Release

Reflect on whatever has happened to you in the recent past. If you think you have deep past issues, unearth them. Now, reflecting on past issues does not mean that you should regret anything.

Reflect and acknowledge whatever has happened in the past. Even if things were not pleasant, you must accept the fact that they have helped you grow. Acknowledging means accepting your flaws. There’s no reason to be ashamed about it.

We are all humans; error is a part of life. Even nature comes to perfect balance only twice a year during the equinoxes. This is why, under the 22nd September equinox, let’s focus on aligning ourselves with nature and finding the perfect balance.

Release any toxicity that you might be storing up. Loosen your body and let your soul flow. Accept yourself for who you are. Realize that your past does not define you. We all learn and evolve throughout our lives. Let’s focus on moving on.

Plant Seeds Of Intention During The September Equinox

Do you feel frustrated with your life right now? Know that you are not alone. Find solace in the fact that things will not be like this forever.

Things will eventually change. And, you need to set intentions for that future. The past is not in your hand. But, you can shape your future by taking charge of your present.

As yourself, what do you want in your future? Do you want to focus on your personal life or your professional career? Don’t rush. Simply take tiny concrete steps towards achieving your goal.

Let us follow the path of Mother Nature and find the perfect balance during this September equinox.