What Sort Of Love Language To Use Based On Your Partner’s MBTI®

Even couples who have been in love for years joke about not truly understanding each other sometimes. We’ve all been in a situation where our partner said, “I would have acted differently if you had explained what you wanted.” It seems so obvious to us that we should have communicated with them.

If you want to feel that you really “get” your partner, then the best thing to do is decide what their love language is. This is the perfect way to make them feel that you love them. But how do you find their love language? If you figure out their Myers-Briggs® Type, that can be a big help.

Read on to find out what love language to use based on your partner’s MBTI®.

10Acts Of Service: ISFP

When your partner’s MBTI is ISFP or “Versatile Supporter” that means that their love language is Acts Of Service. It’s very likely that they show you love via Acts Of Service because they really like when you do sweet stuff for them like making the apartment look super tidy.

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You should definitely use the love language Acts Of Service for an ISFP because they are always looking out for you and trying to do nice and compassionate activities for you. It’s really awesome to return the favor and makes the relationship feel equal. Since they get stressed by “time” and “pressure” they might not feel like they have a chance to do everything that they want to do, so you would be helping them out a lot.

9Physical Touch: ESTP

You know that couples who are always holding hands? One of their love languages might be Physical Touch because holding hands, hugs, cuddles, and kisses all fall into this love language category.

If your partner is an ESTP (or “Energetic Problem-Solver”) then their love language is Physical Touch, and this is definitely something that you should be aware of. ESTPs are said to “love life” and they’re also “active” and “energetic.” While not all of them want to be part of a serious couple because they are said to be “impatient”, it seems that when they do find love, it would make sense for them to care about Physical Touch. They’re not shy and seem to throw themselves into whatever they get involved in.

8Words Of Affirmation: ISTJ

If your partner’s MBTI® is ISTJ or “Responsible Realist” then their love language would be Words of Affirmation. ISTJs are “systematic” and loyal people who can handle lots of details. They especially want things to stay the same when they’re part of a couple.

Because ISTJs don’t like “uncertainty” or when people switch things up or their schedule gets turned upside down, they love Words of Affirmation. They want you to say that you love them and if you could explain daily, weekly, and monthly that they mean a lot to you, that would also work out great.

7Receiving Gifts: ENTJ

Are you dating an ENTJ or “Decisive Strategist”? That means that they “usually see the big picture and think strategically about the future” which suggests that their love language could be Receiving Gifts.

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When someone cares about the future, they might want their relationship to follow a timeline and they might traditional. ENTJs don’t like “indecisiveness” or “inability to make decisions” so they would really appreciate it if you didn’t procrastinate when it comes to gift giving. If you always get them the most perfect gift, they would really respond well.

6Quality Time: INFP

Is your partner an INFP or “Thoughtful Idealist?” That means that they are all about “making moral commitments to what they believe in” as the official description says, and they are also “gentle” and “loyal” and have “long-range vision.”

This also means that you should use the love language Quality Time. Since your partner is all about loyalty, they will absolutely be loyal to you and want to spend time with you. They won’t ever cancel plans with you because they want time alone or to hang out with someone else. As long as you make them see that you’re scheduling them into your days, they will feel your love.

5Words Of Affirmation: ENTP

Your partner is an ENTP or “Enterprising Explorer” and that means you should show them love via the love language Words Of Affirmation.

As the official description says, “People with ENTP preferences may enjoy a good debate. Their conversational style is customarily challenging as well as stimulating.” Since they love to talk, they care a lot about what you say to them, and it would be important to them that the two of you are constantly communicating with one another. Say “I love you” on a regular basis to them and talk through everything that comes up, and they will feel that you really love them

4Receiving Gifts: ENFP

An ENTP or “Imaginative Motivator” is a very confident person, and if this describes your partner, then they’re “perceptive” and “friendly.”

Since “their energy is stimulated by new people and experiences”, as the official description says, you should use the love language Receiving Gifts. An ENTP seems like someone who would definitely love a really awesome present. They don’t like anything that is “mundane” or a “lack of enthusiasm” so the fact that you picked out a present for them would be really wonderful and they would be grateful.

3Quality Time: ESFJ

Quality Time could be your partner’s love language when their MBTI is ESFJ or “Supportive Contributor.” MBTIs are social and they’re also “cooperative” and they “respect rules” and they’re also “orderly.” They also “value family.”

You can use the love language Quality Time because they don’t like “uncertainty” or anything that is “disrupting harmony.” It sounds like they’re someone who likes routine so if you can spend quality time together every week, that would be awesome. It’s also helpful to know that they love hanging out with their family because they might be thinking of you that way, too, and it matters to them that you two are solid and see each other very frequently.

2Words Of Affirmation: INTJ

When your partner is an INTJ or “Conceptual Planner” they would love for you to show them love with the love language Words Of Affirmation.

According to the official description, “People with INTJ preferences are often able to define a compelling, long-range vision, and like to devise innovative solutions to complex problems.” Because of this, it seems that an INTJ would love to be able to talk to you regularly about both the future and the present. They want to know that everything is going according to the plan that you two agreed upon, and that you’re on track to move in together or get engaged or whatever you two have decided will happen in your relationship.

1Words Of Affirmation: ENFJ

Let’s say your partner’s MBTI® is ENFJ or “Compassionate Facilitator.” You should know that they are “verbal” and “people-oriented” and “warm” and “loyal.”

The fact that they are verbal definitely suggests that you can use the love language Words Of Affirmation. While someone with the love language Acts Of Service would rather that you do something for them instead of saying “I love you”, that’s not your partner at all. As long as you can communicate regularly with them they will be happy and feel lots of love.



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