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What The Rest Of The Year Will Be Like For Starting January 2023 – August 2023

Solar return horoscope for Leo– July 2023

Tarot Card Card: 6 Cups

In July 2023, you might feel as if your emotions and also feelings are all over the place.

Probably you will certainly have a challenging time sharing yourself and even comprehending what it is you are feeling.

You could feel hot one minute as well as chilly the following.

So, attempt to use this month to discover some equilibrium and center on your own.

Reside at the moment and also pause when you require to.

If you need to be on your own, it might aid you to journal, meditate, or do an activity that allows you to attach to your feelings.

Solar return horoscope for Leo– August 2023

Tarot Card: 3 Mugs

In August 2023, you should try your ideal to rely on individuals you care about.

This is a superb month to connect with individuals around you and concentrate on your social life.

You can learn a lot from your peers as well as it might also be practical to team up with individuals you respect.

Either way, you are bound to be extra social and motivated to bring individuals together.

You might even wish to begin a publication club, have more family members’ dinners, or join more social activities.

Solar return horoscope for Leo– September 2023

Tarot Card Card: Knight of Pentacles

In September 2023, you might feel motivated to function in the direction of your desires and goals this month.

Remember, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

So, don’t get discouraged or permit obstacles to stand in your way.

Maintain defending what you desire as well as complete a task you are passionate about.

Great opportunities will certainly come your way during this month so do not let them pass you by.

Solar return horoscope for Leo– October 2023

Tarot Card: 6 Swords

In October 2023, you may recognize that you are feeling a little stuck in the past October.

Perhaps you are dwelling on your previous connections or errors and also it is making it difficult for you to push forward.

Attempt to let go of your regrets and also anything that is not serving you.

Rather, learn from your blunders and the experiences that have made you who you are today.

A great deal of development can occur during this time if you welcome it.

Solar return horoscope for Leo– November 2023

Tarot card Card: The World

In November 2023, there might be somebody you care about that requires your assistance today.

Likely, one of your buddies or a person you care deeply about is experiencing a difficult time.

Try to reveal to them that you are there for them and also cheer them on.

You may even intend to put some of your responsibilities on the back burner so that you can take care of your loved one through this difficult time.

They are bound to value your loyalty as well as settle you with compassion and also love.

Solar return horoscope for Leo– December 2023

Tarot Card: The High Priestess

In December 2023, you must allow your walls down.

Maybe you have been keeping your cards near your chest as well as keeping your guard up.

Nevertheless, you should talk from your heart and also let others in.

You have likely kept to yourself because you are terrified of obtaining pain or getting pulled down, yet you need to understand that you can trust those around you to look after yourself.

So, do not maintain your feelings suppressed, and try to wear your heart on your sleeve.

You will be a great deal stronger for it.

Solar return horoscope for Leo– January 2023

Tarot Card Card: Six of Wands

In January 2023, you are bound to get a great deal of acknowledgment for your hard work.

You might have been functioning very hard and also have been fearful that no person has noticed, nevertheless, your luck is about to alter.

Anticipate getting that promotion or raise you have been wanting.

In any case, your peers are focusing on you so keep on beaming.

This isn’t a time to give up while you’re in advance, keep moving on as well as reveal to everybody what you can.

Fantastic possibilities are coming to your method this month.

Solar return horoscope for Leo– February 2023

Tarot Card: Seven of Cups

In February 2023, you may wish to make a large decision or choice but have feared too.

Right now, you will acquire clarity on what next step you need to take.

If you have concerns, important solutions will be exposed to you.

You may even find that the responses have remained in front of you this entire time.

Either way, trust your gut as well as instinct throughout this time around, and also do whatever you feel is finest for you.

Bear in mind, just you know what you ought to do so have confidence in your own as well as your decisions.

Solar return horoscope for Leo– March 2023

Tarot Card: The Sunlight

In March 2023, you could be feeling optimistic during this time.

You must spread your happiness and good attitude since you never know what could require it.

You could even want to do some charity work or help those in need.

The more you spread out generosity, the better you will certainly really feel.

So, make others happy during this time around and likewise do points that make you happy.

This is also a fun time to do some of your favorite hobbies and ridiculous tasks that bring you joy.

Solar return horoscope for Leo– April 2023

Tarot card Card: The Lovers

In April 2023, love is in the air for you.

If you remain in a committed partnership, your partner will be dedicated to revealing to you how much they care for you.

If you are single as well as looking for one, a special somebody may enter your life and also intend to move you off your feet.

Either way, love is all over you so be open as well as all set for it.

This need to not be a demanding time for you, so absorb and delight in the love around you.

Solar return horoscope for Leo– May 2023

Tarot Card Card: Page of Cups

In May 2023, you may fulfill somebody that catches you by surprise.

Possibly this unique person is various for you as well as stimulates your rate of interest.

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