August11 , 2022

Which Zodiac Sign Has The Worst Temper In June 2020



Everyone has their limits. Under the right conditions, even the most loving and kind hearted people have the
capacity for rage and fury. Here is a look at the top 6 most temperamental Zodiac Signs.

Because of their fussy and anal retentive nature, Virgo can be very temperamental. They usually get upset when
their specific expectations or standards are not met. Virgo is one of the more neurotic and perfectionistic signs
and so mistakes and errors are among the things that can readily set them off. For them, details matter and they
are the type to make mountains out of mole hills. If you don’t want to get on Virgo’s bad side, make sure you pay
close attention to what they ask for.
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Aquarius is sign oen found among celebrities infamous for public fits of rage. Christian Bale (Aquarius sun) is
one of them and also Russell Crowe (Aquarius moon). Aquarius is a sign that is rebellious and independent but at
the same, in favor of the people. It is likely their individualistic and egotistical side that is responsible for their
angry outbursts. Aquarius may also take themselves sometimes too seriously and act out when they feel
cornered or persecuted.

Although Cancer gets a rap as being the most nurturing of the zodiac signs, they are also the most territorial. As a
water sign, they are very emotional and sometimes emotionally unstable. They can be sweet and engaging one
minute and then cold and argumentative the next. And who knows why? Not even Sherlock Holmes can figure
them out. Cancers have some of the most intense tempers when it comes to defending what’s theirs particularly
in regards to family, romantic partners and their livelihood. Cancers have very sensitive egos and they are
susceptible to feeling jealousy-fueled murderous rage. They don’t handle rejection and betrayal very well, which
is why Cancer is the most common zodiac sign involved in crimes of passion.


Scorpios are emotional creatures and the power of their emotions makes them intense to be around. Even the
more reserved and mysterious ones exude an aura of “don’t mess with me”. It’s usually something about their
eyes and penetrating gaze that conveys this – and for good reason. When Scorpio blows their fuse, things can
escalate very quickly and violence may ensue. Scorpio’s temper can
flare up when there is a power struggle or their authority is being challenged. Anyone or anything that threatens
their livelihood or domain of control is bound to incur the spectacular wrath of Scorpio.

Although Sagittarius is normally a very sanguine and humorous sign, they can get really heated sometimes. As a
fire sign, this is not surprising but the harshness and hurtfulness of their words can take people by surprise and
cut deeply those who care about them. Sagittarius can be very sharp with their tongue. When angered, their wit
can be become weaponized and used in a very damaging and disparaging way. Sagittarius anger is most likely triggered by stress and dealing with a lot of

#1 – ARIES
It should come as little surprise that Aries is without question, the zodiac sign with the worst temper. For people
with Aries moon, this is especially the case. The good news is that their temper flares are typically short lived,
probably because Aries expends so much energy in the process that, once it is released, exhaustion brings them
back to their senses. Aries’ headstrong nature makes them very combative and egotistical. Their instincts are
warrior-like and their anger can be triggered very quickly. Aries tends to have thin skin and so any sign of
disrespect or attack on their self-worth can send them into fight mode.