Who Need To Go No Contact With Their Situationship In April 2023, Based On Zodiac Signs

1. Gemini

In April 2023, it’s time for Gemini to take a step back from their situations and cut contact. Gemini needs to be honest with themselves that their current arrangement with their situations isn’t working for them anymore. Gemini wants something official and they deserve that love. Unfortunately, their situations may not be able to give them what they need. It’s time to move on and April 2023 is the perfect chance to start.

2. Scorpio

In April 2023, Scorpio needs to love themselves more and start taking the steps to let their situations go. No contact is an excellent way to start this process. It will give Scorpio the time and space they need to realize that they deserve something more, something real. A situation is a dynamic that will never give love the space needed to grow.

3. Aquarius

In April 2023, Aquarius needs to be brave enough to take their power back from their situations and go no contact. For a while now, Aquarius has felt that their energy hasn’t been being matched with their situations. It feels as though Aquarius is the only one making an effort and showing that they care. And it might be because Aquarius is the only one who cares. Aquarius deserves someone who respects them and gives a shit. April 2023 is their chance to find that person.