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Why Each Zodiac Has A Bad Habit Of Overthinking In Their  Relationships


You have trouble enjoying good things that happen to you, so you create problems where none exist.


You’re insecure, so you’re convinced there’s no possible way anyone could be interested in you. You assume you must be missing something.



You overthink because you care what other people think. You care about how you’re coming across to them.


You’ve been hurt too many times in the past and are trying to prevent history from repeating itself.


You’re a planner and a perfectionist so you want to make sure you know exactly what is going on (and what other people are thinking) at all times.



You aren’t used to happiness, so you self-sabotage without even realizing it.


You’re on a search for meaning. You like to think every word and every gesture has some deeper significance.


You overthink because you can’t turn your brain off. You can’t silence your worries.


You hate surprises. You want to be prepared for every possible scenario. Every possible outcome.



You’re a skeptic, so you’re convinced everyone who treats you well must have an ulterior motive.


You overthink because you can’t stop thinking about your person. You can’t get your mind off them.


You want everything to go perfectly, so you end up thinking too much, planning too much, worrying too much.

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