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Why Each Zodiac Sign Was Disappointed By 2021


You re disappointed you didn t reach your major goal of the year yet you still accomplished many other things.


You re let down a relationship didn t wind up working out with someone you truly cared about but you ought to boast of yourself for exactly how well you re managing the distress.


You re disappointed you put on your own out there and failed yet you need to be proud you were take on sufficient to take that threat.


You re let down a person you enjoyed let you down yet you must be happy they showed you their true colors.


You re dissatisfied you didn t make much development finding out to enjoy on your own however the fact that you desire to treat yourself much better is already an action in the right instructions.


You re let down you let your liked ones down yet their objectives wear t need to be your goals.


You re disappointed you re still solitary yet there s no timeline, there s no need to thrill.


You re disappointed you didn t break your bad habits yet the 2nd (or 3rd or thirtieth) time s the charm.


You re disappointed you sanctuary t dated in a while however that s provided you the opportunity to concentrate on various other important things.


You re dissatisfied you had so much problem reaching your goals but you can continue to pursue them following year.


You re disappointed in the way you ve dealt with some individuals you care about but even though you can t alter the past, you can always transform your behavior in the future.


You re let down your heart got busted but you must more than happy you had the opportunity to enjoy, if only momentarily.


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