June27 , 2022

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You don’t do anything halfway. When you’re invested in someone, you want something real with them.


You can’t stand inconsistency. You need someone who is always going to show up when you need them.


Mixed signals drive you insane. You don’t want to guess what’s on someone’s mind when they could easily tell you.


You’re looking for something serious. You aren’t interested in anything casual.


You have too many options to waste your time with someone who can’t figure out how they feel about you.


You don’t want to waste your precious time on someone who won’t commit. You have better things to do.


You want to be admired. You don’t want to be neglected and ignored.


You suck at holding back your feelings and playing it cool. You would rather be upfront and honest.


You lose interest in people once you realize they aren’t all that interested in you.


You don’t actually mind being single. You would rather be alone than with someone who strings you alone.


You don’t want to be the one who cares more. You want a relationship that is equal.


You’ve recently raised your standards. You’ve decided to stop accepting less than you deserve.