August19 , 2022

Why You’re Still Single In June 2020, According To Your Zodiac Moon Sign



We often ask ourselves why we want to be in relationships, which is a really good thing. It’s good for us to know why we’re motivated to commit to certain people over others and why we stand for some things and not for others. However, not many of us wonder why we’re not in relationships. When we’re single, we’re either not worried about getting into a relationship or totally preoccupied with getting into a relationship. Many of us turn to our zodiacs to figure out why we’re single, or to personality tests, or whatever brings order to our lives. However, one thing that many people don’t consider when they’re thinking about their zodiacs is their moon sign.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with moon signs and how they fit into your overall self, your moon sign is an added facet to your personality that gives you an extra window into who you are. In short, your moon sign is especially indicative of your emotional side and needs — more specifically, your unconscious and instinctive behaviors. 

If you’re a person who doesn’t feel like their regular zodiac sign says a lot about who they are, chances are you’ll see a lot more of yourself in your moon sign than most.

Even if you see a lot of yourself in your regular sun sign, your moon sign will give you an added piece of the puzzle, too. If you’re wondering why you’re single and you’re not discovering any real reason why, your moon sign might provide you with some new insight. With that, here’s why you’re still single based on your moon sign. Make sure to check out your moon sign’s element along with your sun sign!

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): You’re Secretly The Scariest Person On The Dating Market

As a Water Moon sign, you’re a person who is emotional, intuitive, and sensitive to how others think and feel. No matter what your Sun sign is, somewhere below the surface, there’s a big heart just waiting to show itself. You might not like having your heart firmly sewn onto your sleeves there, but it’s one of your best qualities once you learn how to accept it. You’re single because your relationships tend to be incredibly passionate, perhaps too passionate. This is because you’re a person who tends to be drawn to personalities that aren’t really prepared to deal with your intensity. In reality, your element is secretly the scariest zodiac element in the dating market. You don’t realize that you’re scary because you’re so sensitive, but it’s your sensitivity that’s the biggest factor with this because it’s so easy to set you off.

Cancer: You’re Too Guarded, A Bit Too Sensitive, And You Tend To Isolate Yourself

Cancer Moon signs are highly sensitive people and those emotions you have can change at the drop of a hat. They don’t know how to be any other way. That’s why you tend to cocoon yourself in your shell and keep yourself guarded against others. You know that people are more than capable of hurting you, so you isolate yourself from them when you can in order to minimize the damage that other people can do to you. That’s why you’re single. You’re way too guarded and you will instinctually pull away from new connections, even with people that you happen to really like. That being said, you’re a really strong person once you stop trying to protect yourself, and you might find yourself really surprised at how resilient you can be. You’re also the type of person who has no problem with taking care of yourself: anyone who causes unnecessary drama is left in the dust.

Scorpio: You’re Super Intimidating And Scare People Off

As a Scorpio Moon sign, you’re a person who can be really intense, regardless of your Sun sign. Even if your Sun sign tends to come with a more relaxed personality, your Scorpio Moon sign makes you very passionate and even powerful. For you, emotional connection comes from expressing your feelings passionately, which is why you’re an enigma to the people who don’t know you and an open book to those that know you well. You’re single because your intensity and passion make you very intimidating for people who don’t know how to handle that, and that can scare people off. You can also be a magnet for drama because of your intensity and that can be off-putting for some people. You don’t go seeking out drama, but if a fight comes your way you’re going to finish it, and finishing that makes you feel powerful.

Pisces: You Come Off Like You’re Laughing At People

If you’re a Pisces moon sign, you’re incredibly empathetic regardless of your Sun sign. You don’t just connect with others emotionally, you do so spiritually as well, so you’re almost on a whole other level than everyone else because you tend to think on a more metaphysical level. You tend to come off as a really innocent and sweet person, but you also have claws that come out if it’s necessary so people know not to tangle with you. You’re single because sometimes you come off as so enlightened that you look like you’re looking down on the people who aren’t. People who are more straightforward and don’t get so philosophical might feel a little inferior to you. Let’s be real, sometimes you are, but most of the time you’re just trying to get to the heart of what really matters in life. That being said, you’re a person who follows your heart and knows what really matters, so there’s no reason for you to settle for someone who doesn’t appreciate that around you.

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): You’re A Little Flaky With People

As an Air Moon sign, you’re a person who loves big ideas. You might be a more practical person on the surface, which is where your Sun sign would come in. However, deep down, you’ve got a big imagination and tend to be a breath of fresh air wherever you go. You’re like the wind in a lot of ways: your mind moves fast and your spontaneity can be wonderful for the right person. Unfortunately, you might be single because your spontaneity sometimes comes off like flakiness. You’re like the wind in that way: no one knows where you’re going to be in any given moment or how you’ll feel about any given person once you’ve stopped to land for any amount of time. You’re an adventure of a person, but most people can’t stand up to that kind of wind.

Gemini: Nobody Takes You Seriously In Relationships

As a Gemini moon sign, you’re a person who can get really bored really quickly if you don’t have something to do. You’re kind of like a magpie in that sense, so your mind is always working on something even if you appear like you’re not doing anything. You have a hard time trying to slow down long enough to allow any one person to keep up with you, and that’s kind of why you’re single. Your quick wit and idealism make it so other signs feel like they can’t take you seriously. After all, you love your rose colored glasses and refuse to see things in the way that they are, choosing instead to see things the way you want them to be. That being said, when you are in a relationship you care about, you show yourself to be a great person to be around who don’t really have issues with communication.

Libra: You’re A Charmer Who Flirts With Everyone

Libra Moon signs love the idea of love. You’re a person who needs to keep your emotions balances and will do a lot to make that happen because without that balance, you can’t function as a person. You like getting along with people and talking to people, so you’re actually a great communicator and can deal with problems easily. You’re probably the mediator out of your group of friends, come to think of it. You’re single because you tend to be a major flirt, regardless of your Sun sign. Your love for the idea of love and being in love leads you to flirt with everyone, and while this isn’t a bad thing, your being single comes down to you not taking the real relationship seriously. You have no shortage of admirers, but you just have to pick one.

Aquarius: You’re Unapproachable And Tend To Forget That People Exist

As an Aquarius Moon sign, you’re a person who lives life differently than anyone else in your life, or at least you want to do that. You never want to be doing anything that anyone else is doing and you’re secure in who you are regardless of your Sun sign. The reason why you’re single is a lot more simple than you think it is: you come off as a little unapproachable. You tend to be a little more detached from people than a lot of other signs (this is true of Aquarian Sun sign people as well!) so people who would normally approach you tend to get a little spooked by you. This is why you tend to do really well with people who are secure within themselves and won’t be bothered by the fact that sometimes you forget people exist.

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): You Don’t Want To Scale Back Your Personality

Fire signs, in general, have pretty loud personality, and Moon signs are no exception. If you happen to have a Fire sign as your Moon sign, even if your Sun sign is a little more introverted, you have a big personality bubbling under the surface. It just takes people getting to know you to see that big personality. The reason why you might be single isn’t that you’re not ready to deal with another person in an intimate way, it’s because you know you’re a lot to deal with when you want to be and you could very well overwhelm someone who isn’t prepared to deal with you. This isn’t a bad thing by any means either: having a big personality is great! If anything, it’s great that you know how important it is to be with someone who won’t ask you to get smaller because they want you to be easier for them to handle.

Aries: You’re Loud And Tend To Scare People With Your Energy

As an Aries moon sign, you can be quite the leader figure. Your emotional state lends to you being very determined and aggressive no matter what your Sun sign is. You can be a little impulsive and quick to overreact sometimes, but honestly, that just means that you know when to act decisively. You’re single because of that, to be honest. You just haven’t found someone who’s strong enough to stand up to the endless amounts of energy you put out as a person. You’re the type to break a lot of hearts because of this: sometimes you burn right through people and they’re still smarting over it long after you’ve moved on with your life. That being said, when you are in a relationship, you’re one of the most forgiving Moon signs out there. You don’t see the point in hashing something out longer than it needs to be.

Leo: You Want Someone Who Will Love You More Than You Love Yourself

Leo Moon signs shine like the sun, and chances are you know how to command and demand attention regardless of your Sun sign. Whether you like being a leader or not, chances are you’re good at inspiring others. You like to take charge of your life: fate isn’t something that interests you very much. You’re happiest in a situation where your talents and personality are admired and recognized. This is ironically why you are single. No one will ever love you as much as you love yourself. This can be a good thing because you know your worth and won’t bother with people who refuse to treat you well, but it can also be a bad thing because you can come off as petty and conceited. Your emotions and your pride are closely linked as well.

Sagittarius: You’re A Player Who Hates Commitmen

Sagittarius Moon signs are the type of people whose emotional states are dictated by what’s going on around them. If you’re bored, chances are that gets you down. You’re a straightforward person when it comes to your intentions, so you’re never going to be comfortable living a lie or being obligated to lie for no reason. Truth means a lot to you. You’re single because you’re honestly kind of a player. You might not even be technically single: you could be dating any number of people. However, chances are if you’re doing that, you’re doing so casually and not committing to any person in your rotation. You’ll only do commitment with the right person, who will tell you what you need to hear even if it isn’t what you want to hear.

Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): You Have Different Priorities

Earth signs tend to keep it real. You’re grounded, practical, and smart in a way that lends itself to a lot of different situations. You’re not really a person who gets lost in their thoughts much: you choose a way forward and go with it. You tend to take things slow in most types of situations, which makes you one of the most stable people to have a relationship with, even if your Sun sign is one of the more flighty ones. You’re single because you’re just not here for the dating scene in general. It can be a little overwhelming for you to deal with, so you choose to focus on other things. You tend to get frustrated with the way people date nowadays, so you kind of prefer to just not do it unless someone really special comes along. You like to think of this as you having standards.

Taurus: When You Get Burned, It Takes Years To Recover

As a Taurus Moon sign, you’re a loving, caring, and sensitive person who loves all things beautiful. Unfortunately, your caring soul makes it so other people feel like they can take advantage of you.  However, people can’t help but really like you because of your devotion and loyalty: in a relationship, you give everything you have and expect that same thing back. You’re single because when you get hurt, you tend to close yourself off and retreat into your shell, only coming out under dire circumstances. This means that you can go years without ever having a date and you’ll be totally fine with that because you’re just not ready to put yourself out there. You need to feel secure and confident before pursuing a relationship and you’re just not there yet. However, if you’re treated well, you open up considerably. As a Taurus Moon sign myself, I can attest to this.

Virgo: You’re Shy, Which Tends To Give People The Wrong Impression

Virgo Moon signs are great thinkers and have a good sense of who they are. However, you’re a really reserved person, which makes people think that you’re shy. That’s not a bad thing by any means: you’re just a person who likes being able to help others even if you’re not in the spotlight. Even if your Sun sign is one of the more overtly extroverted ones, your Virgo Moon sign tempers that a bit and makes you a practical and pragmatic person in life and in love. This is why you’re single. Your shyness and penchant for getting caught up in everything else you’re doing make people get the wrong idea about you and think that you’re not interested in dating at all. You’re also a person who has really high standards when it comes to dating and refuses to settle, which can be a factor in your singleness.

Capricorn: You Never Smile And Scare People With Your Ambition

As a Capricorn Moon sign, you might not want to admit that you’ve got an emotional side. You’re a no-nonsense person who is very comfortable being alone and upfront about what you want to accomplish in life. However, the last thing you need is to be wrapped up in your work all the time, especially if your Sun sign isn’t as much of a Type A personality as your Capricorn Moon. You’re single because your ambition is honestly a little scary for some people. You come off as very serious because you don’t show your more fun and relaxed side to people you don’t trust, so it’s a little difficult for you to meet new people to date because they’re getting your more deadpan side.