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JULY 2021
Another lunar eclipse on the 5th of July 2021 — the 3rd this year 2021 — yet once more shakes up expert companies, relationships as well as your sophisticated tools (which is behaving unpredictably). This eclipse occurs in your 5th residence of children, fun and creativity.

So kids and kids figures in your life are affected right here. They need to take it easy throughout this time around. If they are associated with a romantic partnership it is getting checked currently. If they are also young for that, there is social instability. Once again we see a demand for parents and also parent numbers (probably managers also) to make important financial adjustments. Their financial reasoning hasn’t been realistic and modifications are in order.

This eclipse influences 3 various other planets– Mercury, Jupiter and also Mars. Hence there can be some dramatization in your occupation and individual life– you need to change your picture and also individual look. The spouse, companion or present love is making some monetary modifications. There can be dramatization in your home and also with the household (yet these do not look too significant). Considering that Mars is likewise affected (a little), there can be dreams of death or experiences with fatality– normally on the mental degree. It would be excellent to prevent difficult activities throughout this eclipse duration.

Personal financing looks really strong currently. Venus is still at the top of your chart. She is moving forward. She is strong on your behalf. It needs to be a thriving month. The monetary earth in Gemini still favours instructors, writers, speakers, online marketers, Public Relations individuals and investors. The authority figures in your life are kindly disposed to your financial goals.

Your excellent profession track record brings added incomes. Probably more vital than every one of the above is your strong monetary emphasis. Financing is your concern these days, as well as by the spiritual legislation we get what we focus on. Retrograde task reduces a little this month. Till the 12th of July 2021 , half the planets are in backward movement; after the 12th the number is 4o percent. So though it is a little bit simpler than last month, these are still high numbers. With nothing much happening worldwide you can concentrate much more on your spiritual technique. This ends up being vital from the 22nd onwards. The world could seem in gridlock, but spirit never is. This is a good month for love. Neptune, your love planet, receives very nice aspects. Only he is retrograde. So, you have opportunities, but go slow.

Retrograde activity increases again this month, and from the 15th of August 2021 onwards 50 per cent of the planets are moving backwards. Continue to focus on your spiritual life until the 22nd of August 2021 and then on your body and image after that date. You might as well. There’s nothing much going on in the world.

This year hasn’t been an especially strong year for personal independence. The Eastern sector of self has never been stronger than the Western, social sector. This has been a year for focusing on others and their needs and you have needed the grace of others to get anything done. But now, the short-term planets are moving to their maximum Eastern position. This is the strongest the East will be this year. And although the social sector is still much stronger, you have a wee bit more independence these days.

The month ahead of August 2021 looks happy. Saturn moved back into your 5th house on July 2 and this house of fun, creativity and children is the strongest in your Horoscope. Add to this the Sun’s move into your own sign on the 22nd (and Mercury moves in on the 20th) and you have a recipe for a fun kind of month. (With all the retrograde motion going on you might as well have some fun.).

Health is super this month. There is only one long-term planet– Neptune– in stressful alignment with you. (The Moon will make occasional stressful aspects, of short duration.) Also, from the 20th of August 2021 onwards, we will have a Grand Trine in the Earth signs– your native element. You are very comfortable with this. Personal creativity is super and you have a ‘happy go lucky’ approach to life. The Sun in your sign makes the personal appearance shine. You have an other-worldly glamour. You have the ability to mould and shape the body by spiritual means. Mercury in your sign also improves the appearance. It gives you the aura, the image, of success. People see you this way.

Venus has spent more than four months in your 10th house of career, but on the 7th she finally moves on into your 11th house. Though your financial intuition remains good and you have the financial cooperation of the beloved, there are more challenges involved in finances this month. You need to work harder than usual for earnings. And, finance doesn’t seem the major focus that it was in previous months. If you put in the extra work you will prosper. The question is, do you have the interest?


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