Wolf in Sheep’s Garments – 10 Indication of a Psycho

Psychopaths must keep their true nature concealed for them to control, deceive, and manipulate the people around them. Skilled actors and fakers, they do what they can to gain your trust. Only to make you fall into their elaborate traps. There are signs of a psychopath to help you sort out who you’re dealing with.

Signs of a psychopath

Psychopaths come across as normal. However, their real character always has a way of seeping through.

So, if you suspect someone you know is a psychopath, take a look at these signs. Does it all check out?

#1 Early behavioral problems. Look at their childhood. Did they enjoy hurting, torturing, or killing animals? Did they have a long history of lying that goes back to their childhood years?

#2 Juvenile delinquency. They may also have a history of juvenile delinquency, such as petty crimes, stealing, hurting animals, hurting other people, or even hurting themselves for their own means.

#3 Walking contradiction. They tend to have this street-smart, been-there-done-that toughness combined with some innocence that draws their victims to them. They also contradict themselves in one long sentence. Or they say one thing and display another without batting an eyelash.

#4 Excessive and superficial charm. They adapt a sense of normalcy to fit in a function in society. This is called a “mask.” Others interpret it as charm and magnetism. Psychopaths do good deeds or are exceptionally pleasant, but this is only to gain people’s trust.

#5 A standout. A psychopath, for some reason, piques your curiosity. You see one standing across the street doing nothing, yet the person makes you wonder about them and what they’re up to. Often, just a look at one stranger that turns out to be psychopathic sends chills down your spine.

#6 A bit “off.” Most of the time, they come off as charming, innocent, and genuine, yet there’s something about them that leaves you unconvinced. It could be with the way their smile doesn’t reach their eyes, or how their body language and expression seems rehearsed.

#7 Flashes of contempt. Talk to someone and you’ll see micro-expressions *feelings that come and go and manifest in a person so fast it is easily missed* of contempt. This feeling may be unrelated to what you are talking about, but this just stems from a psychopath undervaluing you and overvaluing themselves.

#8 Veiled “tells.” Psychopaths have a way of subtly exposing their true selves or intentions to unsuspecting victims. All because they find it fun and satisfying. They tend to drop hints of their true nature. Things like, “You’re way too trusting, cons can easily dupe you” or “Watch out, wolves come in sheep’s clothing.”

#9 Superbly cunning. They are also incredibly terrific manipulators. Even if they tell you the most outrageous things, you find yourself believing them because of their expertly woven words and actions that always get them what they want.

#10 Criminal versatility. Check a psychopath’s criminal records, and you’ll see a wide array of crimes committed. With their unusually high sense of self, lack of empathy, and guilt, it’s easy for them to commit any crime as long as it suits them.


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