June26 , 2022

You have to be a real man to know that a woman is enough


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In the era of modern * , where we are surrounded by womanizers, narcissistic men and little boys, it is difficult to find a real man who will love us as we deserve to be loved.

It is difficult to find a man who will appreciate us for what we are and make us believe in love again.

A real man will make you feel like you are their whole universe, like there is no one else but you.

You will have no problem being yourself with him, you will be both lovers and friends. You behave like fools to each other, but you will always keep that crazy passion that we all need.

One moment you will be tickling or fighting on the pillow, and the next moment you will roll up in the sheets.

Your real man will know that you are not perfect, but he will treat you as if you were. He will appreciate you for what you have in mind, for your accomplishments and your skills, rather than for your appearance and other short-term qualities.

He will consider you as his equal, as a life partner and will always take your opinion into account when it comes to new decisions.

And he will always be there, through the difficult times and the moments of pleasure. You can count on him no matter what happens to you, because he will be happy to be by your side no matter what.

A real man will make sure to let you know that you are the best thing that has happened to him. It will make you smile every morning, and it will be a ritual like drinking coffee or brushing your teeth. He will make sure that you never go to bed angry or sad.

He will make you understand why all the other men were just passing through, and why all the other men made you feel like you were content with little while he made you feel like you were in the right place.

He will make you realize that it is the unconditional love that you have been waiting for all your life, the mad love that warms you from head to toe during the cold and lonely nights.

It will make you realize that the love of your life comes after the error of your life. Certain relationships are intended to teach us what love is not, they are intended to break us only so that we can build ourselves as we could never have imagined.

They are there to make us appreciate more of who we are and so that we avoid just falling out of fear of ending up alone. And what I learned is that once it arrives, you know it.

Once you find your real man, you will wonder why you were worried.

Your real man will make you appreciate all the little things you share; that quick breakfast before going to work, the small stolen coffee breaks in your work day or the lazy evenings that you spend together on the sofa listening to each other’s heartbeats.

It will make you feel desirable even when you are in your pajamas. It will make you feel desirable even when you don’t feel like it.