July2 , 2022

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You’re not going to find a love that’s perfect, but you will find a love that’s real. A love that starts with nerves and excitement. A love that gives your stomach that weird feeling like you’re going to throw up right before you see them, but in a happier, lighter way. A love that has you sitting on your couch staring at your phone with the most attentive kind of anticipation waiting for them to text you that they’re at the entrance to your apartment. A love that brings an automatic smile to your face before you even run down the stairs and open the door to see them.

You’re not going to find a love that’s perfect, but you will find a love that scares you. A love that attempts to bring down the walls you’ve tried so hard to keep up, because for reasons you have no certainty of, this person somehow thinks you’re worth it. You’re going to find a love with someone who accepts that your walls were built for protection. Someone who shows you they’d never try to hurt you like the ones before them did. And they’ll be patient. Because they understand that you’ve been hurt before, but real love assures you just enough to leave the fear of being broken behind, and to take that unknown step forward.

You’re not going to find a love that’s perfect, but you will find a love that changes you. Not who you are, but the way you are. The way you see things, and the way you react to them. You look at life a little differently because they open your mind to other worlds, to worlds outside of your own. And this allows you to see worlds outside of each other too.


You’re not going to find a love that’s perfect, but you will find a love that feels comfortable. You’re going to find a love that isn’t always exciting, but is consistent. Because not every night can be full of tousled sheets and bared souls, some nights will be full of sour stomachs and runny noses, falling asleep to nature documentaries and boring books on your Kindle. You’re going to find a love that lets you be yourself, and maybe sometimes that’s a little boring, but it’s also unbelievably beautiful to find someone who accepts you just the way you are.

Someone who accepts you when you’re not trying to impress them, when you’re in pink plaid flannel pajamas that button head to toe and they tell you you look cute, when you’ve got zit cream on your face and they try to kiss you anyway, when you feel like you’re the most unlovable, and they somehow love you regardless. Because that’s real love. Whether you’re wearing lingerie or flannels, whether you’re face is perfectly powdered or flaunting zits, whether you feel unlovable or not, real love stays.

Because you’re not going to find someone who’s perfect, and you won’t be perfect either, and in real love both of you know this. And neither of you would want to be, because perfection would change everything about what makes the two of you who you are, and who you are when you’re together. Because whatever the two of you have, you know it’s not perfect, it’s better.