August19 , 2022

Your Gemini Season Wellness Horoscope In june 2020



The Sun streams through Gemini (May 20-June 21), helping you tap into the youthful qualities this sign represents. This Gemini season wellness plan helps you connect to your senses.

During this monthlong cycle of Gemini season, you may feel connected to your senses, creativity and problem-solving powers. Using the following self-care Taurus season wellness strategies, you can fine-tune your wellbeing, foster vitality and reduce stress!

The following are actions you can take and ideas for you to improve your overall Gemini season wellness

Gemini Season Wellness Mantras:

  • I’ll adapt
  • My curiosity will lead me to the answer
  • My mind and body are connected

Gemini Season Stress-Reducing Allies:

  • Flexibility
  • Light-hearted perspective
  • Non-attachment

Body Love Tips for Gemini Season Wellness

In wellness astrology, aspects of your anatomy align with the zodiac signs. Those that are associated with Gemini include the lungs, nervous system, and arms, shoulders, wrists, and fingers.

Inhale and Exhale

If you have asthma or frequent respiratory colds, try limiting your intake of dairy foods and food additives, as these can increase mucus production and exacerbate bronchial symptoms. Pay attention to your breathing, too. Be sure it’s deep and rhythmic. If it’s shallow, you may experience reduced energy, a foggy mind and anxiety. You could explore your connection to breath with meditation. Working through repressed grief, for example, can improve your breath and your wellbeing, physically and emotionally (in Chinese medicine, the lungs are associated with grief).

Allay Accidents

While multitasking reflects the active and restless energy of the times, it’s not necessarily the best recipe for safety. This is especially true when an activity involves moving objects, such as driving, which should be done as a concentrated activity. No matter how badly you want to call someone or check Facebook—don’t! Even walking and texting can lead to accidents if you fail to notice a ditch in the sidewalk or a car in the intersection. What’s worse is mindless takes us away from being present. Try to stop and notice the beauty of the environment. The phone can wait. Make an effort to practice being present in mind and body.

Eat Regularly, and Flexibly

Something distracts us or consumes attention, and the next thing you know, you’ve forgotten to eat. When we skip meals, our blood sugar drops. Listen to your body’s reminders it needs nourishment. Try to make your meals interesting so you don’t feel like you’re simply checking something off your to-do list. Mix up mealtimes, perhaps a 90-minute window to enjoy your fare with a book or the outdoors. Forget about the traditional three-square and design your day’s meals to fit your lifestyle, even if that means mini meals throughout.

Slow Your Roll

Eating too fast yields indigestion and a less-than-optimal absorption of nutrients, which may leave you feeling depleted of physical and mental energy. Practicing mindful eating can make mealtimes more enjoyable. Also try meals composed of a spectrum of different colors, tastes and textures to inspire the desire to want to savor every bite.

Foods to Consider: Oats and Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives

Oats are a great way to start the day. They can be served hot as oatmeal or cold as muesli. Oats are rich in soluble fiber and can lower cholesterol, which you may know, but they can also soothe frayed nerves. Eating oats for breakfast may contribute to elevated cognitive performance and sustained energy throughout the day. Opt for rolled oats instead of instant oatmeal; the former takes only a few minutes and provide you more nutrients. Skip the sugar and try your oats savory, with some miso, spices and steamed vegetables.

Dairy may be the culprit to not breaking well or experiencing asthma. You could try an Elimination Diet to know for certain. Dairy-free milk alternatives are more popular than ever, with scores of them lining the grocery shelves. While soy milk once held sway as the sole member of the dairy-free milk pantheon, there’s now a cornucopia of others: almond, hazelnut, cashew, hemp, oats, coconut, macadamia and more. Many coffee bars also offer dairy-free alternatives.

Self-Care Tips for Gemini Season Wellness

Flower Essences: White Chestnut and Cerato

To calm mind-chatter and curtail looping thoughts, try White Chestnut flower essence. It’s also great for curbing the pre-sleep mind circles that can keep you up at night.

Connect to your inner voice and boost its volume, especially when you feel stifled or muffled, with Cerato.

Spa Treatments: Manicure and Chair Massage

Your hands are responsible for many activities: writing, physical uses, meeting and greeting people. Give your hands a little TLC for all their hard work with a manicure. It doesn’t need to be time-consuming or expensive, go for an express treatment. Treat yourself to a few additional minutes of massage if that’s an option. This will help relax your muscles and improve circulation.

Massages are great but we don’t always have time for one, so a chair massage is a good option now. These mini-sessions are typically a time-efficient 15 minutes. You rest (fully clothed) in a padded chair while a practitioner kneads through the kinks (and stress!) residing in your back, shoulders and arms. These services are often found in salons where you may get your manicure but also in airports and shopping malls.


Relaxation Practices: Journaling and Games and Puzzles

Whether you write in prose form, jot down phrases or keywords, express yourself in poetry, or draw, journaling is a great relaxation option now. Getting the words and images out of your head and onto a page—or computer screen— can be a centering exercise. Maybe treat yourself to a new journal to get inspired.

It may sound paradoxical but things that enliven our minds may also relax them during Gemini season. So if you’re looking for a way to unwind, invite some friends over for game night. Whether you play Scrabble or Cards Against Humanity, your social gatherings will buzz now. For times you want to be alone, try a crossword or Sudoku puzzle, or play a game of solitaire for a more meditative experience.

Disclaimer: This information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or healthcare provider.