July2 , 2022

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November 2020 is a busy month with the Sirius Gateway, two Eclipses, and a total of 5 planets in retrograde including Mars and Mercury. All of this energy is going to create a stop and go type of month that is really going to be requiring us to get balanced and stay centered with whatever comes our way.


If you have pending issues this is the right day to take care of them because you will not have many other opportunities in the coming ones.

Especially in the professional field, you will have to speed up a situation and unlock it on your behalf.

Your colleagues or your opponents could take advantage of it much faster and better than you.

At this point, it is worthwhile to give yourself one more chance and get to their level.

You could get some economic benefits you have not considered yet.


If you are thinking of a faster way to carry out your projects, then you will have to involve other people, trust them and of course share burdens and victories.

You cannot expect others to act for you for free.

Try to be altruistic, also because you have been granted a lot in the past and so it is right that you know how to be grateful with destiny.

Your future, on the other hand, will depend precisely on this parameter and on your ability to adapt to the people around you.


You are on your way to success, but on this day there will be something that will particularly worry you.

Before solving it you will have to think carefully and be sure that a small detail does not blow up every progress done so far.

You will also have other occasions in which to demonstrate your intelligence and your abilities, but only today you will succeed in conquering the heart and the affection of those who will be in front of you, without further compromise and without too many frills.


You must be sure to be able to hold an interview on this day without letting yourself be carried away by anger or your instincts in general.

You will have some family problems because everyone would like to express their opinion, while you are pretty firm about yours.

Going on your own way is also a responsibility that must be taken and that we must know how to transmit.

You will, therefore, have to prepare those who are facing new possibilities, changes that they will have to accept without being too reluctant or too opposed.


You do not have many possibilities on this day, or you will have to be very quick in making decisions that could put to risk the projects you have already started.

Much will depend on your reactivity, so it is good that you are aware of it and that you do not turn too far back.

It does not matter if people close to you will agree or not because you will have some time later to convince them.

What matters at the moment is being able to complete an important goal for you.


Make yourself safe on this day and choose the shortest route to reach the finish line.

You will then have time to challenge fate and allow your abilities to come out and be exalted by your intelligence, but you will not have much leeway at the moment.

The only way to go today is the one already established, so you cannot make any detours that will not take you anywhere.

You must also be smart enough not to be influenced by other people’s opinions because it would be very dangerous for you.


On this day you will have to accept the course of events, as it will allow you to reach a higher level regarding a matter that is very dear to you.

You do not have to manipulate fate too much because it has several surprises in store for you.

Try to choose rather appropriate travel companions because they will be critical to your happiness and to the success of certain projects or business.


Go straight to your goal today, do not delay certain discussions, do not allow others to distract you and take away some energy that you should put to work or your goals.

All you have to do is engage in it continuously.

Let lose the secondary questions, those that have already disappointed you and have not brought you anything good.

And if someone asks you for a hand it will be good to refuse, because today you are more important to you!

The others do not always have to come first.


You are rather terrified of a situation that has been created with someone you care about particularly and you are afraid that this has changed their opinion about you.

Instead of reflecting and ruminating about what has been, you should face it openly and talk about it face to face.

Communication is the best mean to clarify and to reach better conclusions.

You could have a nice and pleasant surprise that maybe you did not expect to happen so soon.


Try to meet the needs of the people you say you, love, because only in this way will you come out to get in touch with them.

The effective exchange is the basis of every relationship.

Such people are waiting for nothing but your spiritual approach, that you really show them how much you care.

Everything else is just a side dish, has a partial value compared to love.

You should now have understood that being alone is only the last possible option because it should not be the rule.


Love must be more important than work today, because the person you currently have needs to feel special, appreciated and put in first place.

Your professional projects will never be able to match the happiness you experience when you stay with them.

Even if you are single and you do not have a partner, you will know how to track happiness in the people you have next to you.

You can spend unforgettable moments and bring with you the memory of today also in the future when you will have instead moments of difficulty both at work and personal.


Today you may have a little trouble at work, but nothing that could compromise your professionalism.

The people who know you well know that you are precise, honest and loyal so you will not have to worry too much, otherwise, the anxiety could play tricks on you.

Your opponents could obviously take advantage of it, but with your own calm, you should be able to keep them at bay.

In the evening you can relax with the person you love or do the things that allow you to free your mind.