Your Relationship Deal Breaker Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We love checking our horoscope because it tells us a bunch of interesting facts we might not have known. It’s scary how well the stars, moons, and planets seem to know you. But they can tell a lot more than just how your day is going. Your zodiac sign can reveal all about how you are in love, in life, in your career, and with your friends. Your star sign can even predict how you will act in relationships, which relationships are going to work out for you and why you might be heading for the hills. Relationships are hard work! Finding a good partner and making it last is not easy. So if the stars can help, we’re all ears. We will gladly take a heads up about warning signs to look out for so we can be lucky in love. Check out the relationship deal breaker for your sign below so you know exactly what would make you call it quits and walk away. And now that you know what your deal breaker is, you’ll know what to avoid before you get too invested.

12Aquarius Can’t Stand A Closed Mind

Aquarius, you are the ultimate free spirit. You love to test limits and experiment. You believe in trying new ideas and experiencing whatever you can. So the worst partner for you would be someone with a closed mind who insists on practical things over new ideas. Someone who is narrow-minded and constantly shutting you down will make you feel hurt. You’ll want to get out of that as soon as possible and move on to someone who appreciates your take on life. Even a person who is too practical or realistic may get you down and become a deal breaker. You want to be able to explore your ideas, dreams, and passions freely, not hide them from your practical partner. You need a dreamer. You need someone who is creative just like you and who encourages every weird and wonderful idea that comes into your head.

11Pisces Hates Insensitivity

Pisces, you are sensitive and emotional. You have a lot of feelings and your partner needs to respect that. Your partner needs to be kind and caring. They need to take the time to help you open up and to be there for you when you need them. Your partner is all about support and comfort. So if they show a insensitive side to themselves, you’re out. You have a huge heart Pisces, so someone who is rude or inconsiderate can stomp all over that. They don’t deserve you. Another potential deal breaker may be someone who is too chatty. You’re introverted and love to have your own space and silence away from your partner. But you’re also intuitive, so you have a hard time asking for what you want when you think your partner should just feel it. If your partner is constantly chatting your ear off when you need your alone time, you’re going to be unhappy. It might not be an instant deal breaker but over time, this can definitely wear on you and cause a break up.

10Aries Hates Clinginess And Wants A Challenge

As an Aries, you’re super outgoing and love leading a life of adventure and excitement. You want someone who challenges you and can keep up with your big lifestyle. Even if you’re a more introverted Aries, you’ll still want someone who can challenge you mentally and be spontaneous. The same old routine everyday will absolutely bore you to tears. A deal breaker for you would be a partner who is reserved and super clingy. You’re independent and have a life outside of your relationship. You value your friendships, your career, and your hobbies. If your partner doesn’t have their own equally exciting life outside of you, then you two are headed for trouble. You would hate having a partner who sits at home waiting for you all day and then suffocates you with their love. You need your freedom; so bye to the clingy dudes!

9Taurus Can’t Handle Disrespect

Taurus, you’re pretty stubborn and set in your ways. That means you won’t budge for anyone or anything when it comes to the important stuff. And what is most important to you is respect. You are a prideful person with really high standards. You show a lot of respect to your partner and would expect the same in return. But the moment your partner disrespects you is the moment they have lost you forever. You know what you want and you aren’t afraid to lose someone who can’t give it to you. You need someone who is able to go with the flow and accept your rigid ways. You are the captain of your ship and you need someone who isn’t afraid to follow along when you know what’s right. You’re not a total tyrant Taurus, but you do know what you like and what you dislike. And what you dislike most is disrespect.

8Gemini Is Out On Aloofness

Gemini ladies are super social butterflies. You love people and you love keeping an active social calendar. You want to be out mingling with your friends everyday of the week and you need a partner who can keep up. Sure, you appreciate a quiet night in every now and then but a busy social life is key to keeping you happy. So your biggest deal breaker would be someone who is aloof, quiet, and unfriendly. It would be a huge drag for you to hit the town solo while your SO mopes around at home. Or worse, you bring him and he sits in the corner silent all night. You’re all about the communication. You need someone who is happy to chat with you, with your friends and with strangers you happen to bump into on nights out. And you also need that social connection with your partner so he better be sending you lots of texts, articles, and photos throughout the day when you’re apart.

7Cancer Needs Commitment And Openness

As the mom of the zodiac, a Cancerian is all about creating that warm family atmosphere with family, friends, and especially with a romantic partner. For you, partnership is about being completely open and vulnerable with one another. You want to share everything and get to know each other on a deep level. You’re emotional, intuitive, and you don’t believe in keeping secrets. If a partner isn’t able to open up with you, then you’ll walk. You also need a partner who has the same ideas for the future as you do. You’re all about moving in together, getting married, and starting your family. You need to fulfill the mom fantasies you’ve always dreamt about. If your partner can’t make a commitment to you and give you the home life you crave, it’s time to end things.

6Leo Hates A Mess

Leo, you’re the lion of the zodiac which means you are the regal queen of the throne who is always looking fierce. You like to take care of yourself and appearances do mean something to you. You value how you look, how your home looks and certainly how your partner looks. So the ultimate deal breaker for you would be someone who couldn’t care less about how they look and the mess they are making at home. You will never make it work with a slob. Looking put together is a way that you show you care and you expect that from your partner. You also love to be the center of attention and you’ll need a partner who can support you. You don’t want someone shy who will fade into the background or someone too rowdy who will steal your spotlight. You need someone who is confident and able to keep up with you.

5Virgo Requires Ambition

Virgo, you’re not as into appearances as a Leo but you do care what lies beneath. You really believe in looking deep at someone’s values and seeing how that is portrayed in their lives. So a bad haircut won’t set you off like it will for a Leo but maybe bad breath will. You want to know that your partner is taking care of their body. But more than that, you need a partner who is ambitious. You are all about success in your personal life and in your career. You have big goals and big dreams and need a partner who is just as goal-oriented as you are. You work hard for your success and admire that trait in your perfect mate. If you’re with someone who is passive and happy to coast through life, you’ll never be on the same page. Unambition will kill your relationship and you’ll feel like you have nothing to talk about.

4Libra Can’t Stand Negativity

For Libras, life is all about finding harmony with your fellow human beings. You are eternally positive and optimistic. You love helping your fellow man and doing your part to better our world. And your partner needs to not only appreciate that about you but join you in your mission. You surround yourself with good energy; if your partner is full of negativity, you’ll feel completely drained. A pessimist with a bad attitude would be the ultimate deal breaker for you. You need someone who is able to see the cup half full and who is respectful and polite. If your partner is the type to show up late without apologizing or who is rude to servers, odds are he won’t be your partner very much longer. Showing grace in social situations is important to you and a Negative Nancy won’t cut it.

3Scorpio Hates Lying

Liar, liar pants on fire is the life manta for a Scorpio. For a Scorpio, if you say something then that’s the way it is. If you’re not serious about what you’re doing then don’t bother doing it. Scorpios don’t like to have their time wasted and will not wait around for a liar to clean up their act. Even the smallest little white lies can really upset a Scorpio. You need someone who is serious about you and your relationship – and that means being honest and transparent. You also need someone who is able to be there for you and follow through. You hate empty promises. If your partner keeps talking the talk but can’t walk the walk, then it’s you who is going to be walking right out of the relationship. Nothing turns a Scorpio off faster than lying.

2Sagittarius Is Out On Laziness

Sagittarius women love adventure, excitement, and the next big challenge. They love to hit the road and travel, jump out of an airplane and work super hard to get there. They are constantly pushing themselves to do better, see more and do more. Life for a Sag is all about expanding knowledge and experience. And the antithesis of that is laziness. A Sag needs a partner who pushes them and has an adventurous drive of their own. They would hate being with a partner who is content to just sit on the couch and let life pass them by. You need a partner who can keep up with you, challenge you, and complement you. So if your current partner is holding you back, don’t be afraid to leave. The best thing about you Sag is that you don’t need a partner to start living your adventurous life. So go get started! Your right person will come along when the time is right.

1Capricorn Won’t Have Irresponsibility Or Insecurity

Capricorns are all about sincerity, integrity, and responsibility. You don’t do well with things that aren’t the real deal because you work so hard in your life to be as authentic as possible. So your deal breaker would definitely be a person who is fake and can’t handle responsibility. You work hard to earn what is yours and you expect the same from your partner. You don’t want to do life with someone who is just faking it and expecting things to come to them without hard work. You also want someone who can take on responsibility, help out around the house, and care for you. You know what you want and you know how to get it. You know how to take care of yourself, Capricorn. But it isn’t fair for you to have to take care of someone else too. Your partner should be secure in themselves and responsible enough to look after both of you.

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