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Your Zodiac Sign’s Love Tarot Card Horoscope For February To March, 2022

Time to do something about it.

It’s easy to sympathize with on your own when you are solitary, or when you remain in a partnership but are unhappy concerning how points are going. It’s easy to allow your feelings to eat you. It’s easy to say, “I can not do that” and remain in your comfort area forever.

Yet easy does not lead to any incentives or any type of fulfillment. That’s why your zodiac sign’s weekly horoscopes and tarot card reading for February 25th to March 3rd, 2019 will review what you can do to brush off that agreeable comfort zone and in fact, go and make something amazing happen in your love life. One step each time, as well as astrology, is your overview.

A queen does not plead, Aries. Nor does she eat dirt for the love of someone that undoubtedly does not love her back. She walks with her head held high as well as withdraws with her pride undamaged.

If you are stuck in a prejudiced love scene, cut your losses and also carry on. Since with your open heart and also quick charm, you will locate someone else quickly sufficient. So why waste your time?



You are the master of your very own destiny, Taurus. Besides, your sunlight sign is ruled by Venus, the earth of love. So you practically have it in you already to woo someone easily off their feet. All you need to do is turn up that appeal and also let loose that romantic impulse.


Conviction won’t get you much in life, Gemini. It will just restrict you from discovering brand-new points as well as experiencing the world to its maximum. And that consists of experiencing like the method it’s implied to be experienced.

So if you have been standing up to learning from your boo, it’s time to open your mind and advise yourself that you don’t have all the answers. It’s really common for individuals to have wrong beliefs as well as still keep them with dear life also when confronted with facts that expose them.


In your search for love, Cancer cells, you seem to have neglected one important person: yourself. After all, the one who does not love herself can never absolutely like an additional. Not their parents, their siblings, and also their pals. And also absolutely not an enchanting partner.

To transform your gaze inward and also woo yourself. Understand yourself. Love yourself. That’s vital to it all.


Love is not ownership, Leo. Love is a feeling that’s indicated to inspire the greatest work of arts the globe has seen, the best acts of kindness and compassion ever, and the best acts of selflessness. It was never suggested to be utilized to trap another and thwart them from their life path, even if that path was taking them away from you.

So if you have been holding on to a person that does not intend to remain, advise yourself that they are not your possession however a living, breathing human being with their options and also free will.


Virgo, the Hanged Guy is an undecided card usually. It represents passivity, inactiveness, as well as the lack of ability to do anything regarding a situation. It symbolizes being hung upside down as well as delegated completely dry till fate chooses it’s time to allow you off the hook.

Well, the fact is, destiny can’t allow you off the hook. You have to do that all by yourself. So if you feel jaded and also let down with exactly how things are going, make that problem a job and also attack it with your Virgo persistence and functionality. That’s the only method you will certainly make it to the opposite side.


Life never hands us responsibilities that we can not take on, Libra. So if you are feeling bored down by way too many duties today, it’s time to take a while out and organize yourself first.

Develop a routine. A game plan. And after that carry your responsibilities once again. You will certainly marvel at how much easier it is to bring the burden when you have distributed it well and also know how to manage your time.


You are very sensitive to the globe around you, Scorpio. You get the smallest subtleties and modifications in body language. The smallest flickers of fear. The smallest indications of limit.

But now it’s time to route that capacity and utilize it for your very own love life. Because when you begin utilizing your emotional intelligence, your lovemaking will certainly sort itself out with no compelling dramatization.


All that you have achieved in life, Sagittarius, has been an item of your sweat, blood, and also splits. That’s why you can take pride in being an independent lady. So why are you caught in this victim-like state of mind now?

Shake it off. See yourself as that independent, self-made woman once more. As well as you will certainly be her.


Taking a while out for yourself as well as appreciating life is not a transgression, Capricorn. It won’t negate all the effort you put in daily. It will just make you much more efficient in doing that effort.

Nevertheless, exactly how’s a smart device supposed to be smart if it has run out of fee and shut down? It can’t. As well as neither can you.


Your wish won’t happen, Aquarius. As well as while that can be difficult to hear, it may be a true blessing in disguise. Probably because you were never meant to have that in your life. Maybe since it would have hindered you from your true purpose in life.

So reconsider your dream. There’s no injury in releasing and also beginning fresh. That does not make you a failure. Only a clever person who is not willing to lose her whole life climbing up the wrong hill.


Your luck has gone out, Pisces. A minimum of for now. So be prepared for some difficult times ahead. Just keep in mind: every cloud has a silver lining. And it pays to keep hope in life.

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