7 Cruel But Honest Reasons Why I Cut Some People Out of My Life

7 Cruel But Honest Reasons Why I Cut Some People Out of My Life. I’m tired of pretending to be nice just to avoid conflicts. I don’t care if I seem too emotional, bitchy or incomprehensible…

7 Cruel But Honest Reasons Why I Cut Some People Out of My Life:

1. For most of my life I occupied the position of a weak person, and some time ago I decided to end it.

I’m tired of letting people walk all over me. I’m tired of being silent when someone says something hurtful or offensive. Even though the desire to stand up for oneself has caused some problems in friendships and romantic relationships.

Some people could not come to terms with the changes that had happened to me. And there were those whose behavior I did not want to put up with myself when I raised my standards. Another category consisted of those people whom I had already outgrown.

2. Life is too short to make the same arguments over and over again.

I’m not going to continue to be angry at someone because someone disrespects me. If he does it once, I might give him another chance. But if he continues to behave in this way further, then all his apologies no longer have any meaning.

When he brings them, he clearly doesn’t say what he thinks. This man isn’t learning anything. And he doesn’t deserve a second of my time.

3. Different opinions are one thing, but different moral concepts are quite another.

I was taught that it is okay for different people to have different opinions and that we should not judge others based on what they choose to believe.

But there’s a difference between a friend hating my favorite show and hating an entire group of people. I don’t need to explain why someone’s life is as valuable as everyone else’s.

4. Why continue to communicate if this communication does not bring any positive emotions?

I’m not going to continue to let a person into my world just because there’s history between us. If we can’t get along right now, if we barely talk anyway, and if this person brings more stress than joy into my life, then there’s no reason to continue communicating.

I have neither the time nor the energy to entertain people to whom I have no meaning.

5. I’m tired of pretending to be nice just to avoid conflicts.

I don’t care if I seem too emotional, bitchy, or incomprehensible. Usually, people who make mistakes don’t like to be criticized. In reality, they just don’t want to grow and improve. Therefore, if I don’t cut others out of my life, they cut me out.

6. I deserve to live at peace with myself.

I’m not going to deal with someone who treats me with disrespect. I’m not going to put myself under stress just to appear polite.

I don’t think you should continue to communicate with some toxic person just because he is a member of your family or your old friend. If he makes me unhappy, I will cut him out of my life. It doesn’t matter who he is. What matters is what he makes me experience.

7. This is a natural process.

I just forgot to write you a message. I forgot to discuss my plans for the future with you. I become so busy with my own life that you fade into the background. This is not intentional. It’s just life.

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