A Woman Who Is Interesting To Pursue, 7 Main Secrets

A woman who is interesting to pursue, 7 main secrets.

1. Helplessness, defenselessness

A man wants to help a woman, to protect her, so a woman who is interested in pursuing must show some helplessness in business, in life.

This will provoke the man to take her under his wing. In men, a subconscious chain is triggered: it is weak – I am strong. Plus, a weak woman is dependent on a man, which means he will have power over her.

2. Compliments, praise.

If a man sees that a woman appreciates his successes, and his qualities, if she notes them and admires them, then he will try even harder to prove to her that he is the best of the best.

3. Depreciation of what has been done

At the same time, a woman should be shown that a man’s efforts in one way or another mean nothing to her at all. This makes a man angry; he often tries to prove to a woman that he has something to appreciate.

And the more effort he puts in, the more he values ​​the relationship with such a woman.

4. Ignoring

If a woman wants to make a man think about her, she can refuse to communicate with him for a while. Thus, she gives the man the opportunity to think about the relationship and evaluate his state in her absence.

If a man feels bad from lack of communication with a woman, then he will begin to look for an opportunity to see each other and talk.

5. Adjustment for a man

A woman should indulge men’s weaknesses. Within reasonable limits, of course. If she understands what exactly her partner values ​​and does what makes him comfortable in the relationship, then such a man will hold on tightly to her.

If a man sees that he is understood, accepted, and loved, then he will begin to appreciate his companion even more.

6. Independence

Along with defenselessness and helplessness, a lady should also demonstrate her independence from a man. You need to show a man from time to time that you do not belong to him, that you are on your own so that he does not lose interest in conquest.

Because what doesn’t belong to us often arouses the strongest interest.

7. Non-standard reactions and behavior

A girl should behave differently. There is no need to create an image of a person who responds with standard phrases, reacts to situations in a standard way, and behaves as expected of him. It’s much more interesting when you don’t know what to expect from a girl, of course, again within reasonable limits.

In any case, a woman is created to make a relationship with a man more interesting, this is creativity, which determines how long this relationship will last and how happy it will be. Therefore, do not be afraid to create, and sometimes get creative!

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